Welcome to Pied Piper Maple! Early in the spring, Pied Piper Maple makes high quality, extra thick and pure maple syrup. The rest of the year, we work in the woods of Preble, New York, to improve our sugar bush, then head to the farm kitchen to make maple confections. We are proud to make our organic maple syrup, granulated maple syrup, and molded maple sugar using a method that is environmentally-friendly, and we love sharing our creations with our customers. 

‚ÄčThere are few things better than pure, sweet maple syrup, and it is our pleasure to make the syrup that you put on your table and serve to your family. We believe in knowing where your food comes from, so we are happy to show you how our maple products are made.

‚ÄčIn fact, we welcome visitors year round to tour our facilities and learn about how we make maple products. Families, classes, and groups are all welcome! We will show you the steps that go into making our syrup and maple confections, as well as share a sample or two.

To arrange a tour or inquire about our maple products, please contact us today. "Like" us on Facebook to stay in touch and find out about the latest Pied Piper Maple news. To see which local events we will be participating in, please check our Facebook page.

maple season is year round at pied piper maple!

1335 West Valley Road Preble, NY 13141

Pied Piper Maple